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Path Lighting

Consultation & Design.

The HoopLight design team works with you to achieve your vision from both a design and safety perspective in your outdoor space.  We will ensure a lighting plan that perfectly fits your lifestyle - creating a solution to illuminate your property with a focus on family recreation, dining and relaxing or extra security concerns. The difference is night and day!


Our design services focus on:

  • Special elements of your landscaping
  • Where you spend your time
  • Safety and security needs of the property
  • Increasing the aesthetic beauty of your home
  • Selecting the proper lighting technique  to achieve your vision and goals

Installation & Maintenance.

Our HoopLight team provides timely installation of high quality products that are sure to exceed your expectations. We proudly partner with manufacturers that produce top-of-the-line equipment to ensure premium quality and continued system functionality.


Professional installation includes:

  • A professional, custom design plan
  • High quality products and fixtures 
  • Returning the landscape to its original condition
  • Adhering to National Electric Code principles

PLUS: Lawncare, Landscaping, & Outdoor Detailing.

HOOPLAWN is our sister company that specializes in weekly/monthly lawncare, landscape maintenance and outdoor detailing.  We treat every visit with added attention to detail and communicate often with our clients.  There are so many areas of an outdoor space that are often overlooked in a quick visit – we take the added time to tend to your outdoor space so you can enjoy it more!  Find out what the HoopLawn is about here.